Scream Phone, Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

There’s pillow fights, singing into hairbrushes, gossiping about boy crushes and you’re like, totally invited!

It’s 1989 on a stormy night and the girls are having a sleep over. The “Beaver Babes” as they like to call themselves; Melody, Stacey and Janice have just been gifted Dream Phone. For those of you who like, totally live under a rock, Dream Phone is a vintage board game where you receive clues about your dream guy and you have to figure out who your admirer is. Like duh!

There’s always the blonde ringleader, the airhead and the one whose IQ is a little higher than the rest of the group. Can you guess who is who? Janice (Kerrie Thomason) is portrayed as an airhead. Melody (Natasha Granger) likes to think of herself as the leader of the group, constantly boasting about her voluminous hair, and how blondes have more, if not all the fun. She is gifted a “Dream Phone” by her mother (also Thomason). Finally, Stacey (Alexandra Lewis), whose get up resembles that of Anastasia Krupnik, is desperately infatuated with Melody and is the typical geek of the group. And there you have it, the Beaver Babes! The likes of whom you’d most likely find in some slasher film, to put it nicely.

The centre of this stage however is…you guessed it, the large, pink brick of a phone. I mean what could be so life threatening about a pink phone apart from its excessive largeness. As the girls begin receiving phone calls throughout the night with little details of their boy crushes, things start to take a darker turn, the night quickly descends from dreams to screams! Dun dun duuun!

Theatre has taken this game and fused it tentatively with Scream, the game-changing slasher 1996 movie, to create Scream Phone. Taking you on a killer journey back to the 80s with an infectious original soundtrack, it’s Scream meets Clueless! It’s like a totally spoof horror musical!

Like, that’s what they said!

“Spiky and smart” Guardian
“Hugely enjoyable!” British Comedy Guide
“A show that won’t just tickle and tantalise, it’s an absolute thrilling treat.”
★★★★★ North West End
“This spoof horror musical will have you in fits of laughter, on the edge of your seat and in admiration throughout.”
★★★★★ Three Weeks
“This trio can rightfully lay claim to the camp musical comedy crown at the [Edinburgh] fringe this year.”
★★★★ The Stage

Everything you Need to Know!
Venue: The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre, 4 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5NY
Time and Dates: The show will be running from 22 – 25 April 2020 at 8:00pm
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