Parking for Marvel Universe Live! at Arena Birmingham

Loki is up to his old antics again, to achieve his eternal quest to crown himself ruler of Asgard and Earth. But who’s going to stop him this time?

This December 2019 in an all new Marvel spectacular, Spider-Man, The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange team up in a race against time to recover the Wand of Watoomb before Loki gains control. The Wand of Watoomb is one of the six mystical artefacts of the Marvel Universe capable of near-omnipotent power. Each Wand is controlled by mere thoughts of its user, primarily for enhancing, multiplying, gathering, focusing, and redirecting mystical energies. It can be used to block mystical attacks, and use the energy absorbed to either heal the wielder, unleash a damaging blast, or erect a defensive barrier.

With the power to control the elements, open portals to other dimensions and allow the wielder to scry any person, place, or thing they are familiar with, the mere thought of such a powerful artefact in the hands of Loki sends shivers down our spines!

Will our favourite heroes stop him? Or will Loki and accomplices once again escape the hands of justice with his infamous trickery?

Marvel fans small and big, be prepared to witness the cutting-edge special effects, immersive video projection in this legendary, larger than life, action packed, live adventure brought to the Arena by the Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Int.Inc. See your favourite Marvel Universe heroes and villains alike share the stage featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk and Black Widow, the infamous Loki and more! This is one for all the family to enjoy!

Everything you need to know!

Opening Night will be on 5 December 2019 at 19:00 with their last show taking place on 8 December 2019. For more info on dates and show times click here

Venue: Arena Birmingham, King Edwards Rd, Birmingham B1 2AA

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