Nearby parking for Police Headquarters, Lloyd House, Birmingham

The West Midlands Police Headquarters can be found in Lloyd House on Colmore Circus Queensway in Birmingham city centre. The building also houses a Police station.

In recent years Lloyd House has undergone a multi-million pound refurbishment, delivering an improved working environment for Police staff including more open and flexible floor plans. Improvements were also made to the exterior of the building.

Nearest car park

The nearest car park to Lloyd House is B4 Car Park, the entrance to which is on Weaman Street. Being open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, B4 is the ideal place to park whatever time you are visiting Lloyd House.

752 spaces across six levels provide ample parking for visitors to the city centre.  The car park is clean and well maintained with quality finishes throughout.  If you need any assistance, there are staff on site at all times.

From B4 to Lloyd House

Once parked take the lift to ground floor, turn right out of the lift and exit through the glass doors at the end of the arcade. Turn immediately left and walk along Weaman Street until you reach the zebra crossing. Cross to the other side of the road and you will arrive at the entrance to Lloyd House facing the roundabout.