How does a B4 Flexi Ticket work?

Available to B4 members, a quarterly Flexi Ticket offers savings for anyone who frequently needs to park in the city centre, but perhaps not quite often enough to warrant buying a Season Ticket.

It’s simple – you decide from our wide range of Flexi Tickets how many days parking you want in a three month period.


Big Savings!

A Flexi Ticket can be used for a specific number of days parking per quarter.   The more days you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Park from as little as £10 per day

There are big savings to be had for those who choose to purchase a Flexi Ticket. For example, a 50 day Flexi Ticket equates to a parking cost of £10 per day.  This gives an overall saving of 43% when compared with paying the B4 members weekday tariff on a PAYG basis (based on a Mon-Fri parking stay of up to 12 hours per day).

A Flexi Ticket works when you do

Many of our customers work part-time and find that a Flexi Ticket offers them more flexibility than a Season Ticket.


Once you’ve purchased your Flexi Ticket there’s nothing more to do. The Ticket is allocated to a single vehicle chosen from your B4 membership account. You can then just drive in, and drive out.

Your Flexi Ticket can be used any day of the week, at any time. You can come and go as many times as you like during one day* and it only counts as the use of one day of your Flexi Ticket.

*a day is calculated from midnight to midnight.

Click here to see our current Flexi Ticket prices.

Easy to keep track

You can login to your online B4 membership account to check how many days parking you’ve used, and how many you have left on your Flexi Ticket.

Not sure whether to buy a Flexi or Season Ticket?

To help you decide, you can read about B4 Season Tickets here.