Burlesque’D – A Stage Spectacular, Birmingham

 Lights, feathers, burlesque! Bask in the art of sassy seduction this 15 November 2019 where the world of Musical Theatre and the Mystery of Cirque fuse together to create Burlesque’D – A Stage Spectacular.

Originating from 17th century Italian theatre, burlesque has evolved over the 20th century from a comical art form to a witty strip tease extravaganza. One thing that hasn’t changed are the jaw dropping costumes and attire except that it’s become a little more sexier and well defines the word minimalistic right down to the ‘tassle’!

Starring from London’s West End Brooke Havana Bailey (Billy Elliot The Musical/Mad On Her-80s Musical)

Written and created by Ashley Luke Lloyd (Closer To Heaven) and Co Produced/Circus Direction by Valentina Candiani.

Burlesque’D follows the adventures of Crystal Lake who takes on Hollywood and the underground world of the Sunset Lounge. Has she got the strength to battle her way to the top? Feast your eyes towards the finest of the West End as they perform around all your favourite sassy and sexy songs. It’s got all the trimmings!

If this hasn’t ruffled your feathers in a good way then I don’t know what will?

Oh and one last thing…close your mouth dear, you’ll catch flies!


Date and Time: 8:00pm on Friday 15 November 2019

Venue: The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre Venue, 4 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5NY

Purchase your tickets at: https://www.designmynight.com/birmingham/pubs/birmingham-city-centre/the-old-joint-stock-theatre/burlesqued-a-stage-spectacular

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