8 surprising facts you didn’t know about parking!

Like many subjects, the world of parking has its curiosities. As a long-standing industry on the verge of a revolution towards online parking, it has a rich and interesting history that keeps on evolving as time goes by.

Let’s look at some of the most fascinating facts about parking from all over the world.

1. The world’s first parking meter

The planet’s first installation of a parking meter was Park-O-Meter. Designed to solve the lack of sufficient parking space in America’s urban areas as increasing numbers of cars crowded into the business district each day, Park-O-Meter was installed in Oklahoma on 16th July 1935. Back in the day, parking cost $0,05 per hour – sounds beyond ridiculous today, but that was an expensive parking spot for the year 1935.

2. The total number of parking spaces

There is no way we can count the exact number of parking spaces in each country, but it has been estimated that the total number of parking spots in the U.S. could be as many as 2 billion. The estimated figure in the UK is 1.2 million parking spaces, it is estimated that there are likely to be between 8 million and 11.3 million spaces in total. With our ever-increasing population and the need for vehicles to get us around, you can see why it’s still so hard to find a parking space.

3. The world’s largest car park

The largest car park in the world can be found in Edmonton, Canada, in the world’s largest Shopping Centre. The car park holds a whopping 20,000 cars, with an adjoining car park holding 10,000 more spaces. I wonder whether people are still queuing for space?

4. The world’s most valuable parking spots

According to a survey by Colliers International, the most valuable parking spots in the world are located, perhaps unsurprisingly, in Central London. The public parking spaces around Trafalgar Square and the City can cost up to an average of £1014 monthly. Other close competitors for this title are the West End and from the other side of the world, Hong Kong, Japan and China.

5. The world’s most expensive permanent parking spots

Probably the most expensive permanent parking spots in the world can be found, also not surprisingly, in New York City. A parking unit (for a single car!) costs a staggering one million dollars!

6.The world’s loneliest parking meter

In the city of Winters in California, lies the city’s only single meter, generating just $100 per year. The parking meter is out of use to the public but has become a part of the city’s history. It’s now used almost as a piece of history to show children what ‘old-fashioned’ parking meters looked like! Let’s hope we never have to go back there!

7. The most expensive car ever to get a parking fine

The most expensive car ever to be ticketed was a £15 million vintage Ferrari, which was illegally parked during a photo-shoot in London in April 2016. I’m guessing that the owner was probably able to pay the £120 ticket without a problem. The Ferrari was towed away by city officials and crushed. Yikes!

8. Birmingham’s loveliest car park

In 2015, B4 car park in Birmingham was launched. It was the first of its kind when it comes to design, architecture and the use of innovative seamless technology. B4 prides itself on providing a first class parking experience.  Anyone can park with us but if you sign-up for free membership you get a discount off the standard parking tariff – 20% during the week, and a whopping 50% at weekends.  Woo!

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